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"A riveting, deeply personal, and brilliantly conceived work about searching for a soul mate.  Doug Weiss captures beautifully what it is like for a person of intelligence and faith to have lived life well, loved well, and lost well, yet remain assured and hopeful in the goodness of life and love."

Fr. Tom Deppe, Rector-Eastern Shore Chapel, Virginia Beach, Virginia

“Life, Love and Internet Dating takes you on an emotional journey…from laughter, to denial, to empathy…but most of all, you will stop, if only for a moment, and go inside yourself to understand that true love can only come from God and love of yourself!  It’s a must read for those seeking a loving relationship, and for those who already have one. “

Barbara Hamm Lee, Executive Producer/Host, Another View

" This partly autobiographical exploration of internet dating is an easy read and well worth the attention of “those who have been kicked in the heart” as well as the single traveler.  Flavored with wisdom born of life experience, self deprecating humor and kernels of practical information for those seeing to find that significant other, this resource guarantees a hopeful and surprising conclusion for our “universal, shared human experience.”  

Bill Hedrick, Diplomate, American Association of Pastoral Counselors, Clinical Member, American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy and Doctor of Ministry, Union Theological Seminary

 "An emotionally naked work, that  invites the reader on a journey to explore the complexity of human connection through a prism that masterfully engages the heart, mind and spirit." 


Alvean Lyons, M.Ed, BCPC  Relationship Expert



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