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About Doug Weiss


Doug Weiss lives in the Tidewater region of Virginia in a charming but aging beach cottage occupied by hundreds of spirits that inhabit his bookshelves and a cat who does not live there but appears irregularly with proprietary demands for chunky peanut butter and the occasional saucer of milk. Doug has spent much of his life in radio and television as a producer, a senior executive in public media, and as a producer of Internet content.  He was responsible for web development for one of the country’s leading consumer facing web sites and has studied social media and the use of online media in fostering relationship for over two decades.


Doug’s writing career began in college with a poetry scholarship to the prestigious Aspen’ Writer’s Workshop and has since included several works on technology, psychology and love. When he is not writing—he can usually be found hiking, sailing or sitting on the beach- book in hand and a glass of wine nearby.


About Life, Love, and Internet Dating--The Book

Why are we so often attracted to people who are so obviously wrong for us?  How do we find that one person who we are destined to love and be loved by for the rest of our lives?  Can the Internet really help?  Answers to these and many other questions you may have asked yourself at one time or another are the subject of Douglas Alan Weiss' , Life, Love, and Internet DatingLoosely modeled on Robert Pirsig's landmark work, Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Life, Love.. explores eternal truths about our human relationships; those we have with ourselves, with those we love and with that higher being we sometimes refer to as God. Through the lens of Internet dating, Doug takes us on a personal journey and a deeply nuanced investigation of life and the conditions of happiness and fulfillment men and women seek as they journey through their own lives. As you walk beside him through his first tentative explorations of the world of Internet dating you’ll laugh along with him, wonder at the next surprising turn of events, and find resonance with your own experiences.

Doug’s talent for introspection and his awareness of the grace with which we are endowed is both inspiring and insightful.  Whether you are still looking or in a committed relationship, Life, Love & Internet Dating, is a must read for anyone who desires to strengthen their connection to others, to their wife, husband or partner and most of all to their higher selves. This is most decidedly not Internet Dating for Dummies, it is an honest, vibrant, funny, and deeply serious story about finding and loving ourselves and those with whom we seek the deepest connection.


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